iQOS Heat System Start Kit and Heat Sticks

IQOS Heat System Start Kit and Heat Sticks

New iQOS Tobacco Heating Technology System with Not Using of Fire.

It makes Ashless, Less Smell.

The miniature cigarettes, called "HeatSticks", are inserted into the IQOS heating device, leaving out the filter, which even has the Marlboro name written on it.

Tobacco cigarettes burn around 800 degrees Celsius, but the IQOS only heats the tobacco to 350 degrees, delivering a mouthful of tobacco-flavored vapor, but no smoke and tar.

Color System IQOS: black

IQOS HeatSticks

New Hybrid IQOS Heat Control System by Philip Morris - Marlboro.

Designed in Switzerland.

iQOS is, a smokeless system in-between traditional and electronic cigarettes. The device uses real tobacco refills called heets (or heatsticks), but instead of burning the tobacco and producing hazardous smoke and tar, it heats it up to high temperature and creates tobacco-flavored vapor providing the taste of tobacco but with no fire and no ash.

Manufacturer / Brand: Philip Morris

100% original new product in box

Time does not stand still.

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