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I began vaping in 2013 and found it easy to give up a 35-40 per day roll-up habit!

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  • "While vaping has many social advantages over smoking, three others stand out" :

(1) Vaping reduces health issues..

(2) Vaping has effectively replaced smoking for millions.

(3) Vaping can be far less expensive than smoking. Four in my family have adopted vaping and completely replaced smoking for four and one-half years.

I started vaping over 7 years ago after smoking for more than 30 years. I continued smoking about one-half pack a day while spending six months searching for the right combination of hardware and e-juice.

I've also reduced the nicotine level in my e-juice to 6-12mg from a starting level of 24 mg. My wife says my breathing while sleeping now sounds like it did when I was in my twenties. I've been tobacco free for almost 6 years and have no desire for tobacco in any form.

For pipe lovers, I recommend a new, convenient, with a powerful Battery "E-Pipe F-30 Kit".



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