Clearomizers / Tanks

  • Recommendations:
    1-2 times a week, rinse the heating elements (Coils) with alcohol. There will be no taste of burning ...
  • Personal Vaporizer,

(VP) is an electronic Device, that converts liquid for Electronic Cigarettes / personal vaporizers (e-liquid) in the so-called "vaping".

Clearomizers/Tanks eGo - H2, GS-H2, T3XL, GS-H5, GS-H5C and X6S

Authentic Joyetech eGo ONE Clearomizer

Smoktech SMOK TFV4

It should be noted
cheap and reliable Atomaizer / Klearomaizer eGo - H2, GS-H2, T3XL, GS-H5, GS-H5C and X6S. They are simple to set up even for beginners.

I recommend:

  • Authentic KangerTech Coil Head (5-Pack) - Compatible with Clearomizers type: eGo-H2 !!! 1.5oHm - with Battery type eGo ONE !

This is a relatively new type of serviced evaporators for e-cigarettes.

With each passing day, growing in popularity, These type evaporators, among Smokers with experience, and beginners.

The main difference Atomizer / Klearomizer, is a lower location, a removable heating element (core) and the complete absence of leaks. Plus crystal clear taste and large steam generation - for which he loves, evaporators of this type.