​E-Cigarette Box Mod Third-generation

E-Cigarette Box Mod: Third-generation

The main element of a third generation e-cigarette, in most cases, is a ‘mod’ – the ‘brain’ and the power source. There are two types of mods:

  • Mechanical Mods – Actually, a mechanical mod is a very simple device – there is no electronic circuitry in it. Such a mod features only a fire button, a battery compartment (usually for a 18650 type battery), and a connector. They are not suitable for every vaper. Why? While mechanical mods are technically simple, some knowledge and the ability to put things together when it comes to volts, watts, ohms and amps is required to use them safely. However, mechanical mods have become favorites of advanced vapers because, when used properly, these devices can be very effective in delivering plenty of flavorful vapor.
  • Regulated Mods – Regulated mods are more complex than mechanical mods: they incorporate control hardware that lets the vaper modify the voltage and/or wattage output; often have additional features like electrical resistance meters, as well as safety features like reverse battery polarity protection. Regulated mods can be very powerful, but they are also much more user-friendly than mechanical mods.

Mods, unregulated or regulated, are usually paired with all kinds of different atomizers – it can be a standard clearomizer, a sub-ohm tank, a rebuildable atomizer or a rebuildable tank atomizer.

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