E-liquid | LIQUA, Hangda, Feellife, Hangsen

Classical E-Liquid

WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

E-liquids, firms LIQUA, Hangda, Feellife, Hangsen, Dekang, today a true classic liquid.
The traditional formula PG / VG proportions and ingredients of the highest quality, can achieve such a unique taste that does not change over the years.
Ingredients include USP Grade propylene glycol and glycerin USP Grade, along with a patented mixture of USP Grade natural and artificial flavors.

All the ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved as food additives, and is used only high-quality USP Grade Nicotine, with a certificate of quality.

Nicotine, has been tested and confirmed by a certificate

How to choose a Nicotine Density E-Liquid?

Density is determined by in mg nicotine per ml (mg / ml)(Mg = milligrams)(Ml = milliliter)

E-Liguid (mg / ml)

0mg to 10mg = low

11 mg to 16 mg = medium

17 mg to 24 mg = high

You should never exceed 36 mg (dangerous, I recommend 20 mg or less).