Worldwide shipping!

Delivery is available, worldwide from the manufacturer to the recipient, plus Track (Postal Package Number) is guaranteed, plus more secure delivery.

Tracking the status of traffic, please visit, universal for all countries Website...track

Delivery time 8-31 days. Depends on the location of the warehouse and the recipient.

Shipping cost, regardless of the quantity and weight of the goods, (depends on countries of delivery, but not more than  $13.

Note "Customs":

"E-Cigarette plus" is not responsible for Customs fees. It is the consumer’s responsibility to research Customs fees for their country, and to pay any necessary fees that result from your shipment. Any package returned due to refusal will not be refunded.
Should the order be destroyed or go missing as a result of a Customs enquiry to the specified delivery country, "E-Cigarette plus" hold no responsibility for any loss and a refund will not be available.

Refund Policy

If there is a problem with the quality of the product or delivery, the customer is entitled to a refund.
Note: (If it depends on us!)