Payment Methods:

Accept payments in 26 currencies...

Debit / Credit Card or PayPaL

1.Pay with your, Debit / Credit card, through PayPal.

Choose the option (At the bottom of the page)" Or Pay with a, Debit / Credit Card "

and fill Card details.
Payment is made on the secure page of the PayPal payment system.
After completion of payment. Get the message / account with PayPal, about payment.

If your payment by credit / debit card was declined, check whether there is money on the card / account, or you can repeat the order and payment, again. (Perhaps there was an error ...)

Registration on PayPal, is optional.

2. If there is a PayPal account, Choose "PayPal"

  • If not, you can quickly create an account ...

It is very convenient to pay and accept payment PayPal

PayPal Payments Standard Integration

Note: you can send money to us on PayPal directly, our account is: (accept many currencies).