Authentic Smoktech SMOK Mag Grip 100W Box Mod Kit

Buy Authentic Smoktech SMOK Mag Grip 100W Box Mod Kit

TC VW Box Mod Kit 5ml / 0.15ohm / 1-85W/1-100W / 200-600'F(100-315'C) / 1*18650/20700/21700 COLOR: Prism Chrome and Black

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Authentic Smoktech SMOK Mag Grip 100W TC VW Box Mod Kit

5ml / 0.15ohm / 1-85W/1-100W / 200-600'F(100-315'C) / 1*18650/20700/21700

COLOR: Prism Chrome and Black


MAG series has long been fancied by vape fans for its stunning appearance and strong performance. MAG Grip, a new member of MAG family, is also worth looking forward to. It still continues the features of handheld mod, exquisite fire key, and magazine release. In addition, some fresh design concepts have been added: the distinctive OLED screen area and UP/Down buttons underneath perfectly blend the data reading and data adjusting together. And it is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 battery; what's more, a single 21700/20700 battery can offer a power output up to 100 Watts with high performance. MAG Grip comes with TFV8 Baby V2 tank adopting two new coils---Baby V2 S1 and Baby V2 S2, which are custom-made coils for Stick series battery with intense clouds and flavor. Holding MAG Grip in hand, you'll feel the power of Grip. Innovation keeps changing the vaping experience!

TFV8 Baby V2 tank features:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Bulb pyrex glass tube
  • Resistance: 0.15ohm
  • V---the symbol of new version: as a new version tank, TFV8 Baby V2 is totally different with those former ones. It has a newly designed appearance, with a "v" carved on the top cap and base, the whole tank shows brand new style!
  • Baby V2 S1 and Baby V2 S2: Baby V2 S1 Coil is made of KTR Mesh, while Baby V2 S2 Coil is made of Nickel-chromium, both of which are custom-made coils for Stick series battery. They work at lower wattage but with intense clouds and flavor. Baby V2 S1 coil has mesh inside making a good balance of cloud and flavor; Baby V2 S2 coil has more restricted airflow, and it possesses longer life span due to extra direct wicking channels.
    • Baby V2 S1 Single Mesh Coil (pre-installed): 0.15ohm (40-80W/BEST:60-70W)
    • Baby V2 S2 Quadruple Coils (kit includes): 0.15ohm (30-70W/BEST:45-60W)
  • Antibacterial medical cotton: the new tank also uses antibacterial medical cotton, the best replacement of former organic one. This kind of medical cotton is better and can reduce the amount of bacterial.
  • Gasket—small change, great improvement: for the former tanks you can see a gasket when you screw the top cap, while in this tank you will find gasket has changed its position to the bottom of top cap. This design makes the filling slot looks cleaner and at the same time avoid leaking of e-liquid.
  • Patented locking mechanism: TFV8 Baby V2 has patented locking button on its top cap, simply press it then move it counterclockwise you can open the cap. Besides, this design can effectively avoid accidental opening of top cap and leaking of e-juice.
  • Larger filling slot-all for your convenience: this version also has an upgraded fill slot! When you turn on the top cap you can see a much larger slot, with which you can easily drip e-liquid into tank and fully filled it more quickly.
  • 5ML capacity: the tank has 5ml capacity, large enough for your normal vaping need! There's no need to add the e-juice frequently, you can enjoy vaping with easy and verse.
  • Contrast: compared with the first version, V8 Baby V2 adopts bulb glass tube, which can offer more space for e-liquid, you can drip 5ml e-liquid into it, while the old V8 baby tank only has 3ml capacity.
  • Better airflow system: TFV8 Baby V2 also has an upgraded the airflow system, compared with the old version, this new one adds one more airflow slot, you can see 3 slots at the base of the tank. Besides, the width of these 3 slots has been widened, which can help to bring more air in and produce huge vapor.
  • 16MM V2 Baby exclusive delrin drip tip: the specially made drip tip has perfect diameter to fit your mouth, and it doesn't need to screw, only with simply press you can finish the install work. Without doubt, it will bring increased airflow and provide more powerful draw effects.
  • Baby V2 cobra resin drip tip: for the 16mm V2 baby exclusive delrin Drip tip, you also have cobra edition to choose from, with wild appearance and excellent tactility, it will bring you increased airflow and powerful draw effect.
  • Top filling system: top rotary refill makes filling an easy thing. Leak proof slot can significantly solve leaking problem.
    • Hold the tank with one hand, and use another one to press button and then move it counterclockwise.
    • Add e-liquid through the slot, and pay attention not to drip it into the central airflow tube.
    • Close the cap carefully and firmly. Then let it stand for several minutes to get the antibacterial medical cotton completely saturated.
  • Gold-plating 510 thread connector: every detail can tell how excellent the Baby V2 tank is, even the 510 thread connector! For connector, this tank uses fire-new gold-plating one, which can strengthen rub resistance and electro conductivity, so even after times of using, the connector can still keep its original look and when you connect the tank with a mod, you can get better user experience.
  • 30mm overall diameter
  • 21.5mm inner diameter

Mag Grip mod features:

  • Standby current: <220μA
  • Power range:
    • 1-85W (18650 battery)
    • 1-100W (20700/21700 battery)
  • Output voltage: 0.5-9V
  • Resistance range:
    • VW mode: 0.1-2.5ohm
    • TC mode: 0.05-2ohm
  • Temperature range: 200-600'F / 100-315'C
  • Feel the power of grip, grip your own way of vaping: MAG Grip is designed for a better user experience by continuing the previous typical features and adding some new characteristics. Simple color way lets the whole device appear more concise and practical. The grooves on the upper part of the mod are optimized to maximize the practicability that makes the mod more comfortable to grip and hold.
  • Use exquisite fire key, enjoy relaxed vaping life: following the style of Mag, MAG Grip still adopts the exquisite small fire key, like the trigger of a gun, and you can press the triggering button easily. Most importantly, the surface of the key is fairly smooth, which makes you feel comfortable when your finger pulp touches and presses the button.
  • More battery choices, come more vaping effects: MAG Grip is single battery box mod that is compatible with 21700, 20700 and 18650 battery. It offers two sets of power output ranges according to your own needs. After installing the desired battery, you need to first choose the right battery model in standby mode. If choosing the 18650 battery, the max power output can be up to 85W; If choosing the 21700/20700 battery, the max power output can be up to 100W.
    • 18650 battery: max 85W
    • 20700 battery: max 100W
    • 21700 battery: max 100W
  • Ergonomically designed OLED display. Readable vaping data at your fingertips: MAG Grip uses an OLED black-and-white display screen of 0.66inch with high definition. By design, the OLED display is tilted slightly, providing a more convenient viewing angle for the user, which is indeed an ergonomic handling.
  • Supports upgrading and charging: MAG Grip supports firmware upgrading, you can use the included USB cable to upgrade it. And there's no need to change the battery frequently, for the mod can be recharged via the Micro-USB port.
  • Battery installation, as simple as it is functional: MAG Grip uses a coin-shaped button for battery installation, lock and load, you can even hear the pleasant sound that a real gun can offer you.
    • Press the coin-shaped button, and then the box magazine pops out;
    • Place batteries into the device according to the correct direction;
    • Push the box magazine into the mod.
  • Multiple protections: MAG Grip provides multiple types of protections to avoid potential risks.
    • Intelligent atomizer recognition
    • Short circuit protection
    • Puff monitoring system
    • Over-heating protection
    • 10 seconds cut-off
    • Over discharge protection
  • Houses single 18650/20700/21700 battery (battery sold separately)
  • 510 threading connection
  • Micro-USB charging port




COLOR Prism Chrome and Black

MATERIAL Stainless Steel (minor parts made by non-SS)










Electronic Components


Power & Batteries


BATTERY FORM FACTOR 18650/20700/21700

BATTERY TYPE Interchangeable





1 * Mag Grip Mod,

1 * TFV8 Baby V2 Tank,

1 * Baby V2 S1 Single Mesh Coil (Pre-installed),

1 * Baby V2 S2 Quadruple Coils,

1 * Glass Tube,

1 * USB Cable

1 * 18650 Battery Adapter,

1 * User Manual, 1 * Spare Parts

Dimensions us | metric

DEPTH 38 mm

HEIGHT 139.5 mm

WIDTH 67 mm



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