E-Pipe VapeOnly vPipe 3 Starter Kit

Buy E-Pipe VapeOnly vPipe 3 Starter Kit

Of Rosewood 100% Original E-Pipe with 18350 Battery (1300mAh, 2pc). 1.2ml Tank capacity and Resistances: 0.7ohm​

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E-Pipe VapeOnly vPipe 3 Starter Kit

100% Original Of Rosewood E-Pipe VapeOnly vPipe 3 Starter Kit

 E-Pipe with 18350 Battery (1300mAh, 2pc),

1.2ml Tank capacity and Resistances: 0.7ohm

Can be ordered:100% Original 5pcsVapeOnly VAir-P Coil fit VPipe 3 Atomizer tank/ VPipe III Kit/ Zen Pipe Kit 0.7ohm Coil heads 5pcs each pack

Made of rosewood, VapeOnly vPipe 3 is a high end e-cig pipe device that combines traditional pipe functions with new revolutions. The vPipe body has a LED light indicator and blinks from up to down when using. And the included BVC atomizer has a 1.2ml tank capacity and 0.7ohm resistance, which can be filled easily with all detachable structure. vPipe 3 is a real starter kit - vPipe body, vPipe tank, vPipe coil, li-ion battery and li-ion battery charger are included. Luxurious design and superior technologies make vPipe III a piece of art work.

Brand:VapeOnly Unit: 

1 set Size: 155*100*50mm 

Color: Brown 

Compatible batteries: 1x 18350 Lithium Battery Battery: 2x 3.7V 1300 mAh 18350 Battery (included) Input Voltage: 3.3-4.2V 

Volume: <=1.2ml 

Resistances: 0.7ohm

  Each set contains: 

1pc Pipe 3 body 

1pc BVC tank 

1pc Mouthpiece

 2pc 18350 Li-ion battery

 1pc Li-ion charger

 1pc USB cable

 1pc Holder 

1pc Manual

ohm Coil 5pc not required
0.7ohm vPipe3

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