The F30 30W Variable Voltage / Wattage e-pipe provides a very smooth and natural feeling that it will satisfy your desire for smoking:

F-30 30W Pipe is a manual version, a powerful circular tube that is filled with many remarkable features. the output signal range is from 5 to 30 W or from 2.1 to 5.2 volts, since the VV / VW mode can be switched manually to the device.

And the innovative fully-adjustable TOP AIR INTAKE design from the F-30 Sub-Ohm completely eliminates leakage and provides maximum filling capacity. He uses the latest concept. In the auxiliary tank / purifiers there are replaceable coil heads that can be released less than 1.0 ohms.

1. Manual version, one power start, one headed operation.

2.With Built-in battery. With Samsung Charging port in the bottem. it is easy to use.

3.The Pipe Mod with a OLED display screen. shows battery power, wattage, voltage, resistance, smoking time.

4.Expanded range of output voltage/wattage: With the voltage lowest to 2.1V and highest to 5.2V, wattage lowest to 5W and highest to 30W.

5.510/eGo threading connector, compatible with 510 and eGo threaded atomizers/clearomizers/cartomizers with resistance (0.8-5.0ohm)

 6. 5-click safety cutoff: Five clicks on power button, this is a very convenient option if you typically carry your electronic cigarette in your pocket or purse

7. 2 air-inflow holes top adjustible airflow control, no leaking easy to refill, can control airflow as you like.

8. Big Size of F-30 tank: Ø22mm, Stainless steel with pyrex glass tube, big capacity 3.0ml.

9. Unique e-liquid and airflow patch separate technology, 100% free leakage.

10. Top e-liquid filling: The e-liquid can easily be refilled by removing the top cap of tank only.

11. 100% USA made resistance wire, 100% organic cotton, more healthy and performs better.     


Name:  F-30 30W E-Pipe starter kit

Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel

Tank Clearomizer Diameter: 22mm,

F-30 E-Pipe(w/tip) size: 170mm*45mm*60mm

Net Weight of one piece e-pipe: 170gram

Shipping Weight: 570gram

VV/VW Mode can be switched manually

Variable voltage: 2.1V to 5.2V

Variable wattage: 5W to 30W

Battery Capacity: 1450mAh

E-liquid capacity: about 3.0ml

Vaping time counting: 15S limited protection

Reverse battery protection,no worry about installing battery improperly

Charging time: about 2.5 hours,over charge protection.   


A. how to use F-30 Variable Voltage/ Wattage Pipe MOD:

a. Power on/off: click the power button 5 times to turn on the F-30 E-Pipe and 5 times again to  turn off the F-30 e-Pipe.

* Tips: The F-30 E-Pipe will automatically turn off if you do not use it long time.

b. Vaping: Long press the power button to take a puff.

c. Adjustment buttons lock/unlock: Keep pressing up button and down button simultaneously for two seconds when F-30 E-Pipe is powered on, then the up and down buttons will be locked and the screen will display "Lock". In the same way, the up and down buttons can be unlocked and the screen will display " Unlock". Through this operation, you can protect the buttons from unintentional presses and prolong their lifespan.

d. Swith display mode: Keep pressing up button and down button simultaneously for two seconds when F-30 e-Pipe is powered off, the screen display will rotate 180 degress. You can view the screen from two different angles through this operation.

e. VV/VW mode:  When F-30 E-Pipe is powered on, press the power button 3 times in quick succession, F-30 E-Pipe will display current caping mode: Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage, Variable voltage: 2.1V to 5.2V, Variable wattage: 5W to 30W. for changing the wattages or voltages, you can press up button or down button, up button to increase and down button to decrease. Long press up button or down button cn rapidly increase or decrease the wattage/voltage level.

f. Functions of Micro USB Port--Charging:

The battery power indicator on the screen of F-30 e-pipe will keep flashing when the remaining power of the Li-battery is less than 10%. built in lithium battery, usable charging: can be charged through USB port at the bottom of e-pipe MOD, it will take 2-3 hours to charge the battery with 1A wall adaptor.


B. how to use F30 Sub-Ohm Tank:how to change/assemble F30 e-pipe Sub-Ohm tank coil head

a. How to assembly/change the F-30 tank coil head:

Step 1: screw the Tank Body off the Bottom Base.

Step2: Screw the old coil head out from the bottom base (if necessary).

Step3: Screw the new coil head into the Bottom Base again.

* Tips: A loose coil head can cause leaking.

b. How to fill e-liquid to F30 Tank:

 how to fill e-liquid F30 e-pipe Sub-Ohm tank coil head

Step 1: Unscrew the Top Airflow Adjustable Base  from the Tank Body.

Step 2: Fill E-liquid through the slot, and pay attention not to drip it into the central airflow tube.

Step3:  Screw the Top Airflow Adustable Base into the Tank Boday again.

Then let it stand for several minutes to get the organic cotton completely saturated       

C. How to adjust the F-30 tank airflow

Rotate the Top Adjustable Airflow Ring to control air input.The airflow system on the F30 tank system has 2 holes: 2*10SQMM=20SQMM intake holes, which provides plenty of air to the coils. The airflow system is easy to change and slides smoothly into place. However when fully open, which is what we prefer, the airflow makes a lot of noise and whistles quite a bit.